CR501 reader
   CR608 reader
   CR520 reader
   CR202 reader
   CR208 reader
   CR200 reader
   CR206 reader
   CR H38 writer (copy EM card )



    It can read track1 to track3.
    Usually£¬mag-stripe deposit book in track2,and ATM card in track3.Read both tracks in same time is exactly basic demand of banks.
    Selectable IC card read/write founction,that is,one machine can both have mag-stripe deposit book read founction and electric purse founction which is being universal only if they choose a reader/writer with IC card read module. This will save your invest.
    Varies of data standards such as ANSI/ISO and IBM are contained in one reader,which can be recognised automatically.
    selectable inside or outside series port extender,convenient connection and simplely to handle¡£
    Perfect compatibility :this reader can connect any kinds of terminals£¬such as shida,guoguang,GreatWall,mudan,huizhi,juxing,haiwei,newsun,changlin,new mainland,ronghe,lenovo,zijing,keyan,qitong. A simple but useful POS system can be make up with a mag-stripe reader/writer device and a 51X pin pad and a terminal in any type.
    Provides fuul compatible reader/writer to AMC712¡¢IBM4717ºÍIBM4777¡¢ISC.
    It can also provide compatible model to any mag-stripe reader/writer that user has installed,without change any software.
    Provide WINDOWS¡¢UNIX¡¢DOS programmes and developing.
volume 23cm¡Á6cm¡Á6cm handle manners mag-card,mag-stripe deposit book,mag-stripe bills and so on.
weight 0.6kg scratch manners scratch the mag-card in the tracks
working environment indoors scratch speed 20-120cm/s
store temperature 20-90RH mag-card standard standard track 1/2/3
working temperature -10¡ª+50¡æ reread/rewrite rates read card<1/1000£»write card <1/100
record density 5¡ª45¡æ magnetic head life >500 thousands
power DC+5V static 88MA
write150MA data standard ANSI/ISO/and IBM standard
record type F2F power supply type outside power¡¢host key or terminal assist port 

  CR712C demo